GAIL Dividend - GAIL Dividend With Record, Payment Detail And History

GAIL has declared an equity dividend of 25% amounting to Rs 2.5/- per share. At the current share price of Rs 138.50  this results in a dividend yield of 4.62%. GAIL informed the exchanges on 15 January 2021  that the company’s Board of Directors has declared the dividend for FY 2021.

This is the interim dividend declaration for the financial year ended 20-21.

The board has approved payment of interim dividend of Rs 2.5/- per equity share of Rs 10/- each fully paid up.

The record date for the purpose of determining the entitlement of the equity shareholders for the said dividend, has being fixed as Thursday, 28th January, 2021.

    GAIL dividend detail

    GAIL Dividend Percentage & Record Date

    GAIL Dividend Type             Interim
    GAIL Dividend Price Rs. 2.5/-
    GAIL Dividend Announcement Date 15-01-2021
    GAIL Dividend Ex-Dividend Date 27-01-2021
    GAIL Dividend Record Date 28-01-2021
    GAIL Dividend (%) 25%
    GAIL Dividend Payment Date 14-02-2021
    GAIL Quarterly Result Q3
    Face Value (FV): Rs. 10
    Financial year 2020-21
    Board Meeting held on 15-01-2021

    GAIL Dividend Important Dates

    GAIL Dividend Price Rs. 2.5/-
    GAIL Dividend Record Date 28 Jan 2021
    GAIL Dividend Payment Date 14 Feb 2021

    GAIL Dividend History

    You can view Announcement Date, Effective Date, Dividend Type (Interim, Final and Special), and Percentage of Dividend given information for GAIL Interim Dividend:

    • Declared interim dividend of Rs. 2.5/- per equity share of face value of Rs. 10/- each for the financial year 2020-21.

    • The Company has fixed 28th January 2021 as the “Record Date” for the purpose of payment of Interim Dividend on Equity Shares for the Financial Year 2020-21, if declared by the Board’. The Interim Dividend shall be paid to the Members on 14 Feb 2021.

    Announcement Date Effective Date Dividend Type Dividend (%) Remarks
    28-01-2020 17-02-2020 Interim 64.00 Rs.6.4000 per share(64%)Interim Dividend
    27-05-2019 08-08-2019 Final 8.85 Rs.0.8850 per share(8.85%)Final Dividend (Post Bonus), ((Final Dividend @ 17.70percentage (Rs.1.77 per share) (Pre Bonus))
    21-01-2019 12-02-2019 Interim 62.50 Rs.6.2500 per share(62.5%)Interim Dividend
    24-05-2018 30-08-2018 Final 14.40 Rs.1.4400 per share(14.4%)Final Dividend
    05-01-2018 18-01-2018 Interim 76.50 Rs.7.6500 per share(76.5%)Interim Dividend
    23-05-2017 31-08-2017 Final 27.00 Rs.2.7000 per share(27%)Final Dividend
    23-01-2017 02-02-2017 Interim 85.00 Rs.8.5000 per share(85%)Interim Dividend.
    25-05-2016 08-09-2016 Final 30.00 Rs.3.0000 per share(30%)Final Dividend
    02-02-2016 16-02-2016 Interim 25.00 Rs.2.5000 per share(25%)Interim Dividend
    27-05-2015 27-08-2015 Final 30.00 Rs.3.0000 per share(30%)Final Dividend
    18-02-2015 02-03-2015 Interim 30.00 Rs.3.0000 per share(30%)Interim Dividend
    26-05-2014 27-08-2014 Final 59.00 Rs.5.9000 per share(59%)Final Dividend
    29-01-2014 10-02-2014 Interim 45.00 Rs.4.5000 per share(45%)Interim Dividend
    28-05-2013 05-09-2013 Final 56.00 Rs.5.6000 per share(56%)Final Dividend
    01-02-2013 18-02-2013 Interim 40.00 Rs.4.0000 per share(40%)Interim Dividend
    30-05-2012 16-08-2012 Final 57.00 Rs.5.70 per share(57%)Final Dividend
    18-01-2012 25-01-2012 Interim 30.00 -
    23-05-2011 17-08-2011 Final 55.00 -
    23-11-2010 27-12-2010 Interim 20.00 (Record date revised from 15/12/2010 to 28/12/2010)
    17-05-2010 02-09-2010 Final 55.00 -
    15-12-2009 24-12-2009 Interim 20.00 -
    12-06-2009 20-08-2009 Final 30.00 -
    12-01-2009 30-01-2009 Interim 40.00 -
    13-05-2008 21-08-2008 Final 60.00 -
    27-11-2007 19-12-2007 Interim 40.00 -
    09-05-2007 16-08-2007 Final 20.00 -
    22-02-2007 09-03-2007 Interim 25.00 -
    07-12-2006 27-12-2006 Interim 55.00 -
    28-04-2006 28-07-2006 Final 20.00 -
    25-01-2006 20-02-2006 Interim 20.00 Special Interim Dividend
    29-12-2005 16-01-2006 Interim 60.00 -
    22-06-2005 14-09-2005 Final 40.00 AGM
    13-12-2004 27-12-2004 Interim 40.00 -
    30-08-2004 13-09-2004 Final 40.00 -
    24-12-2003 13-01-2004 Interim 40.00 -
    21-06-2003 12-09-2003 Final 40.00 -
    02-01-2003 29-01-2003 Interim 30.00 -
    06-06-2002 11-09-2002 Final 45.00 AGM
    23-06-2001 03-09-2001 Final 40.00 AGM

    About Gail

    The Company was incorporated on 16th of August. The Gas Authority of India Ltd. (GAIL), one of India’s leading Public Sector Enterprises, is the largest gas transmission and marketing company in the Country. The Company, possessing a well developed and efficient infrastructure, was established as a wholly owned Company of the Government of India in August, 1984 with 100% equity held by the Government of India and, within a short time, it has grown into one of the ‘Navratna’ enterprises and is ranked among the top ten companies in India. The various activities of the Company range from Gas marketing and distribution through trunk and regional systems, to retailing of Natural Gas to Gas processing for production and marketing of LPG, liquid hydrocarbons and Petrochemicals.

    The equity pattern in the Company has also changed and the Government today holds about 67% of the equity in the Company.

    GAIL has formed Subsidiaries and Joint Venture companies for City Gas Distribution and Petrochemicals. GAIL is one of the pioneers to introduce City Gas Projects in India for gas supplies to households, commercial users and for the transport sector by forming Subsidiaries/ Joint Venture Companies.

    How To Check Eligibility for GAIL Dividend?

    To determine whether you should get a dividend, you need to look at two important dates. They are the “record date” or “date of record” and the “ex-dividend date” or “ex-date.”

    When a company declares a dividend, it sets a record date when you must be on the company’s books as a shareholder to receive the dividend.

    Once the company sets the record date, the ex-dividend date is set based on stock exchange rules. The ex-dividend date for stocks is usually set one business day before the record date.

    If you purchase a stock on its ex-dividend date or after, you will not receive the next dividend payment. Instead, the seller gets the dividend. If you purchase before the ex-dividend date, you get the dividend.

    GAIL Dividend FAQs

    What is GAIL dividend price?

    Company declared Final dividend of Rs.2.5/- per equity share of face value of Rs.10/- each for the financial year 2020-21.

    What is Record date for GAIL dividend?

    The GAIL dividend record date is Thursday, 28th Jan 2021.

    What is GAIL dividend payment Date?

    GAIL dividend payout date will be 14th Feb 2021.