Current IPO Subscription Numbers - IPO Subscription Status

The companies are coming up with the initial public offer (IPO) after the approval of SEBI. The mainline IPOs to open for 3 days of a subscription while SME IPOs get few more days to get the subscription done. Mainline IPOs get a subscription in QIB, NII, RII, and EMP sections while SME IPOs get in NII and RII sometimes they get the subscription in QIB.

IPO Subscription is the number of times a public issue subscribed at BSE and NSE. The investors can place the bid for IPO shares with any of the exchanges (i.e. BSE or NSE). Each exchange provides live IPO subscription status on its website for the bids received by them. We publish IPO live subscriptions for the current IPO.

Check out current mainline IPO and SME IPO Subscription Numbers day by day.

IPO Subscription Status

168.58x 238.04x 12.57x102.58x
156.37x 206.43x 9.00x93.41x
India Pesticides
42.95x 51.88x 11.30x29.04x
Dodla Dairy
0.14x 0.02x 1.00x0.27x
KIMS Hospital
0.02x 0.14x 2.73x1.40x
155.71x 339.98x 11.64x121.43x
3.46x 0.39x 1.58x 2.28x
5.11 3.10 0.40 1.36
Suryoday Bank
2.18 1.31 3.09 2.37
Nazara Technologies
103.77 389.89 75.29 175.46
Kalyan Jewellers
2.76 1.91 2.82 2.61
Craftsman Automation
5.21 2.84 3.43 3.81
Laxmi Organic
175.43 217.62 20.04 106.78
Anupam Rasayan
65.74 97.42 10.77 44.06
77.53 382.21 70.40 159.33
MTAR Technologies
164.99 650.79 28.40 200.79

IPO live subscription 2021 matters a lot to investors for the following reasons:

  • It shows the demand for the shares. Higher demand usually results in better listing gains.
  • Investors choose a category based on the subscription figure i.e. Retail or HNI.
  • Some IPO investors take IPO Funding based on the IPO subscription status BSE and NSE.
  • The IPO Grey Market rates movement depends on the IPO Subscription Data.
The latest IPO subscription status 2021 provided below is the sum of BSE IPO subscription status and IPO Subscription status NSE. 

Current IPO Subscription Numbers

IPO Subscription FAQs:

What is IPO Subscription?

Subscription means what investors are investing in the IPOs. The company subscription numbers decide the IPO's future demand. When IPO subscription goes high the basis of allotment goes on the lower side it means it goes to the lottery system. If IPO subscribed 5 times then the allotment will be 5:1. One will be allotted 1 application and 4 will not get the allotment.

The subscription numbers mean the investors subscribed against the offerings. If a company offers 1,00,000 shares and the subscription comes for 5,00,000 it means IPO subscribed 5 times.

Who is QIB in IPO?

QIB means Qualified Investors Bidders in the IPO.

Who is NII in IPO?

NII means Non-Institutional Investors Bidders in the IPO.

Who is RII in IPO?

RII means Retail Investors Bidders in the IPO.

Who is EMP in IPO?

EMP means Employee Bidders in the IPO.

Note: IPO Subscription numbers are given is taken from NSE and BSE sites respectively.

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