Upcoming SME IPO on NSE & BSE

SMEs or Small and Medium Enterprises are businesses that have their assets, revenues, assets, or number of employees lower than a specific cut-off level. The criteria of what is categorised as an SME depends on the country and the industry. Governments from all over the world have realised the vital role SMEs plan in their economy. It is the same for India too, where SMEs are significant contributors to the economy. In India, SMEs employ almost half the workforce. But due to various factors, SMEs show poor productivity in India. The biggest challenge an SME faces is access to capital, and finance is also the primary reason for it going out of business.
What is SME-IPO?
A company has to announce an Initial Public Offer (IPO) at an SME platform during an exchange before the stocks can get listed and be traded or exchanged. SME-IPO is an extremely popular way for a company to gather funds from various investors and be listed. The SME-IPO investors have earned huge returns.
These are some of the criteria for SME-IPO-
  1. The company must have a capital of Rs 3 crore that has been paid up. It should be the same for the net worth and the tangible assets too.
  2. Companies should be able to show that they have distributable profits for at least two of the preceding three financial years (excluding extraordinary income). This is following the terms of the Companies Act 2013, Section 124
  3. As dictated by the guidelines of SEBI, depending on the price bracket, the minimum trading lot for SEM IPOs ranges from 100 to 10,000. These are reviewed regularly and revised, depending upon the movement of its price after the listing.
SME IPO means small and medium enterprises' initial public offering. In 2021 was  a good time for SME IPOs to list. The things were  well for the investors as well as companies. Now Its time for SME IPO in 2021 to give the best returns again. One SME company can list in either in BSE or in the NSE platform. The small and medium scale companies who need funds to expand their business can come up with an offer for sale via BSE SME or NSE SME. There are few small names that can be a bigger one and SME provides the platform for these companies. Here is the list of Upcoming and Latest SME IPO which are launching their offer in 2021.

Current SME IPOs List in January 2021

SME IPOs Dates Price IPO Size Platform
MRP Agro 08 - 10 Feb ₹40 3.24 Cr. BSE SME
Net Pix Shorts 18 - 23 Nov ₹30 2.70 Cr. BSE SME
Shine Fashions ( India Ltd ) 22 - 26 Oct ₹40 1.60 Cr. BSE SME
Bodhi Tree Multimedia 09 - 13 Oct ₹95 3.71 Cr. NSE SME
Atal Realtech 30 - 07 Oct ₹72 10.83 Cr. NSE SME
AAA Technologies 30 - 05 Oct ₹42 10.23 Cr. NSE SME
Sigma Solve 29 - 09 Oct ₹45 04.95 Cr. NSE SME
Veer Global 30 - 09 Oct ₹28 04.92 Cr. BSE SME
GM Polyplast 30 - 06 Oct ₹159 08.09 Cr. BSE SME
Advait Infratech 15 - 18 Sept ₹51 06.89 Cr. BSE SME
SecMark Consultancy 18 - 23 Sept ₹135 15.04 Cr. BSE SME
Atam Valves 18 - 25 Sept ₹40 04.50 Cr. BSE SME

Note for the Investors:

  • Upcoming SME IPO Calendar is based on the news we get from internet so dates might vary sometime.
  • We are giving just information about upcoming SME IPOs with details. We do not trade or offer any grey market premium or kostak rates for any SME IPO.

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